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PixelBeasts are 10,000 unique NFT collectibles, 24x24 pixels each by artist and VC, Yohei Nakajima. Ownership provides access to Beastopia - an ever evolving social experiences including events, games, and more - alongside a community of VCs, founders, devs, and NFT enthusiasts venturing deeper down this rabbit hole together, hand-in-hand, unafraid and optimistic.

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How it works

PixelBeasts is a traditional 10k sale that is known as blind-bag, or 'lootbox' style. You will need to connect your wallet and can choose to mint between 1 and 20 PixelBeasts. This means you may get something rare but cannot be sure. You can then choose to buy and sell each PixelBeast on the after market.


About the creator
Yohei Nakajima

Yohei Nakajima is known for pushing the boundaries on what can be done hacking together easy to use online tools. With PixelBeasts, he drew each animal and attribute pixel by pixel in photoshop and wrote the code himself to generate the 10k unique collection. He sees Pixel Beasts as a platform in which to experiment with the many exciting new web3 tools (gaming, DAOs, etc.) he comes across in his day job as a venture capitalist.

Benefits of owning a PixelBeast

What do you get by owning a PixelBeast?

  • Access to Beastopia, a token-gated social community alongside VCs, founders, developers, designers, and collectors who are excited about building and sharing utility tools for the NFT ecosystem, some of which will be open sourced.
  • Weekly BeastUp PixelBeast holders will be invited to a private weekly event in a pixelated virtual environment where they can walk around and socialize with their BeastieBuddies.
  • You get a front-row seat to innovation in the ecosystem. As a VC, I come across many exciting startups in the space. PixelBeasts will be the platform I use to test these tools.
  • Private AMAs, Office Hours, and more with Yohei and his friends (other VCs, founders, innovators, etc.).
  • You can stare at them all day. Because they’re cute AF.
  • ??? The best utility to come from this project, I couldn’t tell you today. Will it be a game? A token-gated metaverse? Or perhaps it’s always been about the friends we make along the way.


In addition to the standard visible attributes such as hat, apparel, etc. each PixelBeast is stuffed with fun attributes to allow for easier experimentation and for building cross-NFT utilities. Just to name a few “invisible attributes”:

  • Best Friend & Nemesis: Every PixelBeast has one best friend and one nemesis.
  • D&D Character Attributes: 6 base stats + class (warrior, thief, mage)
  • Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air
  • Habitat: Swamp, Island, Mountains, Forest, Plains
  • Attribute X, Y, Z: Respectively, flat distribution, normal distribution, and exponential distribution.
  • Dice Rolls: One roll each of D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 to use as you please.

The Community

The core PixelBeasts community is made up of VCs, founders, developers, artists, and collectors interested in learning about NFTs and their application to various industries. We see many early-stage startups first, and the PixelBeasts community is the first to raise our hand to collaborate with them. In addition, the community has already started open-sourcing prototypes of cross-NFT utility tools:

  • TangoNFT — A private chatroom for every NFT collection
  • Tango Draw — A BAYC bathroom wall for every NFT collection
  • Tango Talk — A wallet based messaging app

We’re already in talks with some exciting web3/token-gated tools we want to collaborate with, and the founders are in our community.